Abu Dhabi Film Festival 2010

The Abu Dhabi Film Festival announced it's line up of over 170 movies yesterday and after going over the list, I'm glad to say there a great selection of selection documentaries, short and full feature films from the region and around the world. Tickets go on sale from 30th September.

But I am looking really, really, really looking forward to the screening of the restored prints of Charlie Chaplin's The Circusand Fritz Lang's Metropolis. (You should know by know how much I love silent movies and so glad they're included in this festival.)

I'm also glad to see that the Abu Dhabi Film Festival has partnered with New York’s Museum of Modern Art to present 'Mapping Subjectivity: Experimentation in Arab Cinema'. The films include:

  • Chronicle of a Disappearance by Elia Suleiman Palestine, Israel, USA, Germany, France
  • Divine Intervention (Yadon Ilahiya) by Elia Suleiman (2002) France, Morocco, Germany, Palestine
  • Domestic Tourism II by Maha Maamoun Lebanon Experimental Video
  • The Mummy - Night of Counting the Years (Al Momia) by Shadi Abdel Salam (1969) Egypt
  • Al Yazerli by Kais Al Zubaidi, Kais Alzoubaidi, Kais Al Zubaidi (1972) Syria, Iraq Documentary Feature

I will be sharing more information about the festival over the next few days.