Abu Dhabi Film Festival 2014 Diary - Day 3


Today was a very good day at the Abu Dhabi Film Festival, started off by watching a film from Iran, then went to the Middle East premiere of Theeb, a film that's had a lot of buzz around it since it's premiere in Venice and ended in with a dark comedy set deep in snowy Norway.


A film that weaves in and out of the lives of many characters in this film set in Tehran, some characters are linked to each other and some aren't. A damning look at power, bureaucracy and the institution of marriage. There is despair in this film, but it also has hope. An eloquent film. I liked it a lot.


One of those films that would be described as epic. An impressive first film for its director Naji Abu Nowar and for the non-actors featured in it. About Bedouin pride, hospitality, brotherhood and growing up too quickly. 

Poignant and strong visual story telling set in the Jordanian desrt in the early 1900s. This one will definitely become a classic and one that rightfully belongs in the list of top Arab films. 

In Order of Disappearance

This was the blackest black comedy I've ever seen. Such a good film, on so many weird twisted levels. Scandinavian humour is an acquired taste, one I am will to indulge in.