And the best 2013 Oscars Story goes to...

I watch the Oscars ceremony live every year, it's a personal tradition I've been doing for years.

This year's ceremony was quite disappointing, mainly because I found the presenter, Seth McFarlane very smug and very unfunny, and I wasn't the only one. Here's what Indiewire thought of him,

"MacFarlane felt like the visiting creepy uncle who interrupts Thanksgiving dinner to tell obnoxious ethnic jokes no one finds funny, then spends the rest of the night hitting on his niece's high school-aged friend."

"MacFarlane may have been a terrible fit for host, but he's that's because he's an example of the identity crisis the award show and the industry have been having in recent years. As the middle drops out of film and there's a growing divide between indies and massive franchises, the intersection between craft and celebrity that the Oscars celebrate becomes an ever more precarious place, and the ceremony has always displayed a warped idea of what people at home want to watch and what's important."

But after the whole thing was over, I started reading what other people thought of the Oscars on Twitter, and I found the best story via @shiftingPersona.   

I love that the producer of PAPERMAN was kicked out of the #Oscars for throwing paper airplanes from the balcony.…

— Alex Withrow (@shiftingPersona) February 25, 2013

I immediately read the article which made me laugh so much.

"Paperman" producer Kristina Reed was kicked out of the Oscars ceremony inside Dolby Theatre when security guards caught her throwing paper planes from her balcony seat, according to The Hollywood Reporter. She began throwing the planes after "Paperman" snagged the award for Best Animated Short. The planes were adorned with kisses, like the ones featured in the short.

The planes went largely unnoticed by the Oscars attendees sitting below Reed, but security wasn't pleased and escorted her out, THR reports. Luckily, the punishment was only temporary and security let her back in after about 10 minutes.  


You can watch Paperman here, it's quite a delightful short film.  

For next year, I hope there will be cameras to capture funny moments offstage. And someone please make The Muppets host the Oscars ceremony. It will be so good.