Art Nights at the Gate Village - 28th April

Tonight is the last night of this season's Art Night. Here's the program line up.

7:00pm - The Empty Quarter- Exhibition Opening

The opening of photography exhibition "Fragrance from the Sufi Garden" by Shems Friedlander. Read more about it here.

7:00pm Video Art by Chittrovanu Mazumdar & "Digital Works" Exhibition Opening
Projected in the Gate Village is a video art piece by contemporary Indian artist Chittrovanu Mazumdar. Actress Richa Kapoor lies trapped within our gaze and also wanders free in a space we cannot access or control. The harsh, topography of rural Jharkhand has long been an important feature in the work of Chittrovanu Mazumdar, who has repeatedly explored its strange, enigmatic, almost lunar, vistas. It forms the entire focus of this latest show in which three series of photographs - landscapes and earthscapes - are presented along with a single channel video piece and a floor projection.

7:30pm - A 30min guided tour of the 2010 Abraaj Capital Art Prize
Enter the History of a Myth: The Small Dome of the Rock by Kader Attia (Algeria), a video installation inspired by the historic monument. Marvel at The Myths and Legends Room: The Mural by Hala Elkoussy (Egypt) a photographic panorama of life in Cairo. Experience The Feast of the Damned by Marwan Sahmarani (Lebanon), which combines epic works on canvas, paper, ceramics and video.

8:00pm - Cuadro Fine Art Gallery - Exhibition Opening and Curatorial Tour of A. Rahim Sharif's Solo Show
Cuadro Fine Art Gallery will unveil "Recent Works", a Solo Show by Bahraini Artist A. Rahim Sharif. Sharif's manipulation of colour and form allows him to daringly juxtapose contrasting elements such as torment and anguish with comical undertones. One way in which he achieves this contrast is by portraying dark subjects that are often sinister or troubled in bright, vivacious colours. Ironically, this contrast of light and dark results in an overall emotional balance to the viewer, giving a sense of completeness to his work. 

8:30pm - Art Nights Auction
An auction of 7 works created at previous Art Nights @ Gate Village events as well as the DIFC Walk 2010, in Partnership with Bank Sarasin Alpen & Alpen Capital. All profits will be divided between a Dubai-based charity organisation and the participating artist.

Throughout the evening:Artspace  - A collection of contemporary works will be on display by Artspace's represented artists, featuring Dr. Omar El Nagdi,  Zakaria Ramhani, Joe Kesrouani, Hussein Madi, Kamal Boullata and Adel El Siwi.  The exhibition will also be on rotation on an ongoing basis.

Opera Gallery - New works on display.

The Farjam Collection - The Farjam Collection brings the taste of Iran to Art Nights for its latest exhibition Iran Inside Out. It explores the individual artistic expression of young Iranian artists working both within and outside of Iran. Inaugurated in New York before travelling to Chicago, its Dubai edition features highlights from the exhibition alongside some of the finest contemporary Iranian art drawn from Dr Farjam's collection. 

Digital Interactive Art through Apple iPAD
Experiment with digital art using the revolutionary new tablet computer - Apple iPAD. With the help of emerging young artist Aleksandra Shatohina, participants will be able to take part in the creation of a larger scale digital art piece entitled "The Art of Communication". Aleksandra will combine classic art skills with modern technology creating a new visual experience. This project is co-ordinated by Dubai-based software company, Bamboozle.

Design objects by Andrew Martin
Look out for the captivating selection of stylish yet quirky designs on display from Andrew Martin.As one of the UK's leaders in original quality textiles and furnishing interior design, the Andrew Martin showroom in the Gate Village, showcases simple yet innovative designs with global inspiration. Using distinctive colours and textured fabrics, crafts and cultural traditions found on his travels are translated into stylish yet contemporary creations.  The Andrew Martin brand is now distributed worldwide in more than 55 countries with over 3,000metres of Andrew Martin fabric sold every day.

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