Composition in Storytelling by Lewis Bond

Composition In Storytelling by Lewis Bond

 looks at the 

cinema screen as another "canvas for an artist to create images" and how "composition is the tool that gives those images structure and purpose".

Every single shot in cinema uses composition. But those images that haunt us, astound us - they evoke such emotions, not just because they're beautiful, but because they carry meaning.
Composition can still be used to effect us on a psychological level, and that's how you should think when composing images. What emotions can I display? Create a sufficient structure to your image. Make sure that it is visually pleasing. Find your focal elements and use interesting visuals to highlight them and then everything else you do from there shoube be an artistic venture to convey your message.
Every subtle change you make in positioning, of your framing creates new emotion, creates a new piece of art - and all of this achieved through composition, a skill that can make images last forever.