cyclo. by Ryoji Ikeda and Carsten Nicolai

cyclo. (Ryoji Ikeda + Carsten Nicolai), 2011. YCAM Yamaguchi Center for Arts and Media

cyclo. (Ryoji Ikeda + Carsten Nicolai), 2011. YCAM Yamaguchi Center for Arts and Media

In conjunction with next month's 'I Look to You and I See Nothing' exhibition that wil take place in Sharjah between 16th November 2013 - 16th February 2013, there will be a one night performance of cyclo. by Ryoji Ikeda and Carsten Nicolai, in Bait Al Shamsi, Arts Area, Sharjah on Saturday, 23rd November 2013. 

A decade since its inception, Ryoji Ikeda and Carsten Nicolai are re-launching their collaborative project, cyclo., a project that focuses on the visualisation of sound and seeks to create a new hybrid of visual art and music.

Since the beginning of the cyclo. project, the artists, both leading electronic composers/artists from Japan and Germany respectively, Ikeda and Nicolai have developed a database of sounds composed to produce visual responses when analysed in real time with the help of stereo image monitoring equipment.

Through processes of composition, editing and experimentation, cyclo. is amassing an ‘infinity index’ of sound fragments. In building this archive, Ikeda and Nicolai transcend the usual dynamic whereby image acts merely as a functional accompaniment to sound. Instead, the audio element in the process is subservient to the desire and appetite of the image.

This will be Ryoji Ikeda's second time performing in Sharjah. 

In April he performed an audiovisual concert, datamatics [ver. 2.0] in the Sharjah Institute for Theatrical Arts . Sadly I missed it, but hope I won't miss this one.

Hats off to Sharjah for bringing shows like this. It's so far ahead compared to Dubai and Abu Dhabi when it comes to programming music (and art) events like this.  

Here's a short clip to show you what to expect. 

Event details

Date and time: Saturday, 23rd November at 8pm 

Venue: Bait Al Shamsi, Arts Area, Sharjah (close to the Sharjah Art Museum -location map)
Phone: +971 6 568 5050
Free entry.