Discover Barcelona on a classic sidecar motorcycle

Barcelona is one of my favourite cities and I just discovered a new and lovely way of discovering it. 

Brightside is a company in Barcelona that organises tours around the city in the sidecar of a classic motorcycle.

We're an international set of long time residents, sharing a passion for Barcelona’s lifestyle, heritage and history. Coming from various walks and backgrounds in the city, altogether we’ve earned a legitimate knowledge of what’s really worth your time in Barcelona, what makes it so special, and how to make you fall madly inlove for it, instantly.

So we made it our mission to come up with an original, elegant, comprehensive and truly fun city tour concept – an experience, rather than just a tour. 

I've always wanted to be in a sidecar of a motorcycle and being whisked away on a road trip.  Next time I'm in Barcelona, I'm getting in one of those sidecars.