Exhibition - Becoming: Girls, Women and Coming of Age by Rania Matar at East Wing

I'm really excited to find out Rania Matar's work will be exhibited in Dubai soon. "Becoming: Girls, Women and Coming of Age", Matar's solo exhibition at East Wing will open on 10th December 2015

The exhibition raises the question, "Do we ever stop 'coming of age'?" and will include work from her recent series "L'Enfant Femme", plus work from her older series,  "A Girl and her Room", "Invisible Children" and "Unspoken Conversations". 

What does it mean to come of age?  At what point is the exact moment in a girl's life when she crosses the threshold from childhood to maturity?  Rania Matar has openly observed and questioned this cycle of becoming throughout the development of her artistic practise.  
Focusing mostly on young women, she studies the ways they communicate their notions of adulthood: from documenting adolescents in their bedrooms and considering how they curate these private spaces; to portraying the unspoken bonds between mothers and daughters; to her keen observations of young girls and how, in all these stage of life these women fiercely  express their individuality as they continue to grow and change.
Each body of work explores a different chapter of maturity and illustrates Matar's interest in the universality of how women of all ages navigate different transitional moments in life.

Rania will be present for the opening of the exhibition10th Thursday, 10th December at 7.00pm and will also give a gallery talk and book signing on Saturday, 12th December at 2:00pm.

Event details
Dates: Opening night, 10th Decemeber 2015 at 7pm. Artist talk and book signing on 12th December 2015 at 2pm.
Venue: East Wing, Limestone House #12, DIFC, Ritz Carlton Annex, Dubai (location map)
Gallery Hours: Saturday - Thursday 10:00 am – 3:00 pm and 5:00 pm - 8:00 pm