Fashion Shoot by Jack Burlot from 1974 in Abu Dhabi

I just stumbled upon this great story in The National about a fashion shoot that took place in Abu Dhabi in 1974. 

French photographer Jack Burlot was in Abu Dhabi in 1974 to document the oil boom for French photo agency Gamma. During his stay, he met a woman who was staying at his hotel with a group from fashion label Cacharel

He had the idea of taking her out on an impromptu fashion shoot in the local surroundings. "At this time it was a little bit difficult to do this sort of thing," he says.

Difficult, but not impossible. Burlot's temporary press card from the Ministry of Information, dated November 28-December 8, 1974, reads "kindly extend all facilities to the Bearer."

They managed to shoot among fishermen at the port and smiling onlookers at Qasr Al Hosn, the fortified palace that at the time was being used for government offices and was to be renovated two years later.

"People were surprised but really nice with us," Burlot says. "I asked them to be in the photographs. It was very strange for them ... but they played the game."  (via The National)

You can read the full article here

Watch this video interview that includes photos from the fashion shoot plus other photos he took in Abu Dhabi. 

I love this story.