Film screenings at The Roxy Cinemas: Hedi and Foreign Body

The Roxy Cinemas will be screen two Tunisian films over the next couple of weeks. 

Hedi by Mohamed Ben Attia will be released on 23rd November and Foreign Body by Raja Amari will be released on 4th December.

Hedi has been to many international festivals winning several awards, most notably the Best First Feature Award, and its lead actor Majd Mastoura won the Silver Berlin Bear at the Berlinale last year. It also won the Golden Athena Award for Best Picture at the Athens International Film Festival and Majd Mastoura also won the Best Actor Award at the Arab Cinema Center's Critics Awards this year.

Foreign Body made its world premiere at the Toronto International Film Festival last year and  has been selected at many international film festivals including the Berlinale.  

Both films were also screened at last year's Dubai International Film Festival and this is the first time we get Tunisian films released in UAE cinemas. The screenings will be at The Roxy Cinemas at City Walk and Box Park, in cooperation with MAD Solutions, the company that distributes both films in the Arab world. For Arabic speakers who don't understand the Tunisian dialect, you will be happy to knoe the film will be subtitled in Standard Arabic along with English subtitles.

I've only seen Hedi and recommend you go see it. I missed Foreign Body at DIFF, so I am looking forward to seeing it next week.

This is a great initiative, so please go watch these films so that we get more diverse films in our cinemas. 

Hedi / Inhebek Hedi
Director:  Mohamed Ben Attia | 2016 | 18+ | Arabic dialogue with English and Arabic subtitles | 88min 

Hedi follows Hedi (Majd Mastoura), a young man of few words who doesn’t expect much from the future and lets others make his big decisions for him.

His mother is preparing his marriage to Khadija, but two days before that; Hedi meets Rim (Rym Ben Messaoud) in the city of Mahdia, who captivates him by her free-spirit, and he finds himself obsessed with this new-born passion. 

Screening dates: 23 - 29 November 2017

Booking information and schedule can be found here.  

Foreign Body / Corps étranger
Director: Raja Amari | 2016 | 18+ | Arabic and French dialogue with English and Arabic subtitles | 92 min

The film follows the first months in France of Samia, a young illegal immigrant who ran away from her brother.

Haunted by the fear of being followed by her extremist brother whom she had denounced to the authorities, Samia first finds refuge at Imed’s home, a former acquaintance from her village, before ending up working for the rich widow Leila. These new meetings mingle with her headlong flight, where desire enhances tensions. 

Screening will start on 4th December. The schedule is not added on the website, but do check it next week for details.