Iceland Airwaves 2013 Review - Part 2


Reykjavik Art Musuem, one of the venues for Iceland Airwaves. I was at the museum the day before the festival and saw them doing light and sound checks. It's a great venue, with fantastic acoustics.

Here's my second review of Iceland Airwaves 2013. The first one focused on the sounds of the festival, this review will focus on the sights.

Below is a selection of photos I took with my LC-A+ camera. I had a media photo pass for this festival, so I felt very privileged and lucky to be able to get front row access in the photographer's pit in most of the venues (which was a bit of a war zone during some of the big headline acts). I was there with my little camera amongst lots of big and very in your face kind of cameras -and photographers- trying to find the best spot I could. 

The photos also include Iceland Airwaves off-venue gigs, these were free to attend and took place during the day/evening across Reykjavik in shops, boutiques, bookstores, cafes and bars. Some places would be packed with queues outside just listening to the music. It was quite incredible to see. 

Hope you enjoy this photo tour and get a sense of the festival. And please stay tuned for a detailed review of the gigs I attended with more photos and a few video clips.    

Day 1  

I started by attending a few off-venue gigs before the official start of the festival. 

Vigri at Eymundsson Bookshop.

Didn't get the name of this band, but they were playing in the shop window of a store called Cintamani.

My first Iceland Airwaves gig. This is Ylja playing at Gamli Gaukurinn. 

1860, also at Gamli Gaukurinn.

Mammút at Harpa. This band is great, their lead singer Kata is amazing. Will write more about her in my next review.

FM Belfast, also at Harpa. A super hyperactive fun band.

Day 2

My photos for the second day came out quite blurry. The camera guardian angels weren't by my side that day. 

Vök playing an off-venue gig at Slippbarinn in Icelandair Hotel Reykjavík Marina. One of my favourite off venue locations.

Went to see Futuregrapher and Tanya & Marlon at Harlem, but didn't know that Harlem had two different rooms with two different entrances, one for festival ticket holders and one for the rest. Unknowingly, I went to the non-festival part of Harlem, wondered why Futuregrapher and Tanya & Marlon weren't playing, told myself there must have been a change to the schedule and ended up having a good time listening and dancing to Elín Ey from Sísý Ey. (I found out the following day about the different entrance. DOH!)

Day 3 

Went to see Samaris again, this time playing at an off-venue, the Slippbarinn in Icelandair Hótel Reykjavík Marina.

Hermigervill (my favourite red-head in Iceland, or anywhere), also in Slippbarinn. I adore him. Will write more about him in my next review.

Papa playing at the Reykjavik Art Museum. This is a double exposed shot showing all the musicians in one photo.  

Crowd at the Reykjavik Art Museum.

Kithkin playing in Gamli Gaukurinn.

Omar Souleyman in Harpa. The crowd went wild at this gig. It felt like a big fat Arab wedding. 

Day 4 

Hudson Wayne playing an off-venue gig at 12 Tónar in Harpa. This gig was originally scheduled to take place on a boat, but got moved indoors last minute because the water was a bit rough. 

Good Moon Deer playing an off-venue gig in a very cozy space in Hotel Borg.

Nolo at Reykjavik Art Museum.

Sóley at Gamla Bíó.

Audience watching Sóley at Gamla Bíó. 

amiina also at Gamla Bio. 

Fatima Al Qadiri's DJ set at Harlem (this time I went to the right venue). Her entourage on stage included Mykki Blanco (that's him in the middle), he turned up and partied along after he finished performing at the Reykjavik Art Museum across the road.

Savages at the Reyjavik Art Musuem. 

Savages' lead singer Jehnny Beth's shoes. 

Hermigervill again, this time at Harlem.

Day 5

This was the last day of Iceland Airwaves.

Myrra Rós at Gamli Gaukurinn.

Hellvar at Harlem.

Emmsjé Gauti at Harlem. There was a lot of angry Icelandic hip-hop at this gig.

Umtbs, also at Harlem.

Day 6 

I bought tickets to see Kraftwerk play on the extra night that got added after the Iceland Airwaves festival. So, to me the festival wasn't over yet. They played in Eldborg in Harpa and this time I was on the second floor and had good view.

I ended my music festival week watching Kraftwerk. It was AMAZING. 

That wraps up this post. Coming soon, a detailed review of the gigs I attended with more photos and some videos and personal thoughts about the festival.

All photos © Hind Mezaina.