Is This The Future of The Airline Website? by Fi

Digital design agency Fi created this great case study tragetting the airline industry by illustrating what airline websites can look and feel like.

This case study is our humble plea to airlines, and the travel industry in general. Let’s work together, take the lead, and chart the course that others will follow. The time is now, and savvy world travelers are not prone to waiting. Let’s collaboratively build the future of online websites… We’re ready to fly.

The propose questions like "Can We Make the Booking Process More Pleasant?" and go on to say,

Airline bookings evolved from paper and fax machines to online website containers. Unfortunately that is how they remain to this day – essentially clunky and disjointed design that never progressed beyond basic utility.

Globetrotting customers represent the highest value to an airline. Let’s give them an intelligent, interactive experience for plotting multi-city itineraries worthy of the 21st century.

I agree with them 100%. THIS is how it should be.