Merry New Year

The first day of the new year in Dubai has been met with rain and hail storm. I didn't step out last night, and didn't step out today. Decided to enjoy being cosy at home and spend time with the family.

2009 had more downs than ups, so I hope 2010 will be different. Here's my personal wishlist for 2010:
- Good health and happiness to all my loved ones
- Silent movies make a come back
- Deira becomes the new hotspot in Dubai - but for the real Dubaians, the faux Dubaians won't be welcome
- Staying in becomes the new going out and people throwing fabulous house parties and movie nights
- The start of a creative revolution in Dubai

In honour of the rain and hoping for this year to be more positive that 2009, I'd like to share with you these two delightful songs.