Music Monday - NEOBYRD

I was listening's live online radio stream  the other day (which, by the way, is very good and a great alternative to our local radio channels) and I stumbled upon music by NEOBYRD. I heard My Sweet Heartless and it made me want to listen to more of his music. So for this week's Music Monday, I'd like to share NEOBYRD's music with you. If you like electronic music, then this one is for you. 

NEOBYRD is the stage name of Wael Alaa, an Egyptian electronic music producer, inspired by the 80's funk disco music, and a massive fan of Michael Jackson, Depeche Mode, Bee Gees, Brothers Johnson and French electro music. 

He started his solo career as a signed artist with his first minimal techno single 'Mad Jack' at the age of 15 with an English Label 'Community Records', the same track has been featured on 'Pulse Radio' Manchester and 'MLK Radio' Germany.  

In 2006 he signed his first EP 'Bumble Chords' with The German Label 'Kally Mile'. In 2007 he won 3rd prize, and the special award in a competition by the legendary music DAW 'Ableton Live'. In 2010 he released 'Naughty Boyz' an EP that included 'Madly In June', 'Naughty Boyz' and 'Colors In Love'.

Here are some of his tracks, but you can listen to all of his music here

Apollo 11 

My Sweet Heartless 

Ooh Oh 

Like 80s

Got Your Love