My trip to Singapore

I was in Singapore for a few days last month. It was my first time there and really enjoyed it. I stayed in Kampong Lam district also known as the Arab Quarter. I adored this area. It's a haven away from the high rise towers and modern Singapore. The place is full of old shophouses that have been converted into restauraunts and cafes, boutiques and hotels.

I also checked out some of the art scene in the city, ate some amazingly delicious food, checked out some interesting neighbourhoods in the city and even went to a Sigur Ros concert.

Here are some photos from my trip, most of it in chronological order.  

Marina Bay Sands - I only saw it from a distance. Didn't get a chance to actually go and visit this building. 

Had some delicious chicken rice at this place. 

 Can't remember where this was, but I liked the coloured wall and windows. 

This was at the Sigur Ros concert which was wonderful. It rained exactly when the encore song "Untitled #8" (aka Popplagið/The Pop Song) started and got stronger as the music beats got faster in the 2nd half. It's as if the weather guardian angels were waiting for the perfect moment to unleash the rain. 

If there's one song/performance to watch whilst getting soaked in the rain, this would be the one. I didn't have an umbrella, was soaking wet from head to toe and moved to tears because it was such a special moment. I wouldn't have had it any other way. A moment I will never forget. 

Was told this is the oldest beef kway teow restaurant in Singapore, been around sine 1911. 

In Chinatown.

Afternoon siesta time in Chinatown.

In Chinatown. The tall building in the imddle will be knocked down soon to make way for the mero expansions.

Food hall in Tiong Bahru.

Tiong Bahru is a lovely neighbourhood in Singapore full of these art deco buildings. The hip and trendy crowd is slowly moving into this neighbourhood and there are some great independent shops, galleries, restaurants and cafes in this area. My favourite thing in Tiong Bahru is BooksActually, a delightful book shop which I will write about in more deatails in a separate blogpost. 

A food hall called Food District.

Sultan Mosque in Kampong Glam district.

In Kampong Glam district. It was a rainy afternoon and I really enjoyed my solitary walk in the neighbourhood.

In Kampong Glam district. Sheltered from the rain.

In Kampong Glam district. Had a yummy lunch here.

In Kampong Glam district.

HOP (House of Photography), a shipping container which changes location around the city of Singapore. I attended the "Shadow Play and X-Ray Eyes – Fun With The Photogram" workshop here. 

The Film section in National Museum of Singaporeexploring the production and consumption of films in Singapore from the 1950s to 1970s "where the social history of leisure is traced through a display of cinema related paraphernalia such as tickets, handbills, posters and magazines". 

National Museum of Singapore, The Building Remembers / Remembering the Building, a video art wall by Matthew Ngui.

The Cathay, love this building.

The Cathay Building has been a distinct landmark since 1939 when it first opened its doors to avid movie-goers. Now a shopping mall infused with fashion and trends, five storeys house retail and dining indulgences while two floors are dedicated to an eight-hall multiplex cinema, including The Picturehouse – Singapore's first arthouse theatre. via

The Coffee House, which had various food stands, but didn't actually see any coffee stands. And yes, had a delicious meal here too. 

Had some delicious dessert and coffee at this place. 

Had my first kaya toast for breakfast at this place, Killeney Kopitiam which serves best kaya toast in Singapore

At the Singapore Art Museum. There was some interesting shows here, but I couldn't take any photos inside.  

Back in In Kampong Glam district, this is on Muscat Street.

 Haji Lane in Kampong Glam district lined with lovely boutiques and shops.  

The Malay Heritage Centre in Kampong Glam district.

Material shop in Kampong Glam district.

Basket shop in Kampong Glam district. 

Street art in Kampong Glam district.

In Kampong Glam, had dinner here. 

In Kampong Glam, had delicious Nasi Padang for lunch here.

(All photos shot on Lomography X-Pro 200 ASA film with my beloved LC-A+ camera.)