Mysterious Dancing Russian Boy

My brother showed me this video titled "funny grooving russian kid at the disco" yesterday. Not sure how factually acurate the title is (is he Russian, is he a kid?), but it certainly does have some groove and it is quite funny to watch.

It clearly looks like it's from the 1990s, but can't tell where, who and why? What is this young boy doing at party full of adults? Are there more videos of him dancing at other events?

I found the original video posted in 2011 and dated 1997. Below it is a short interview with a kid, from a different night. It doesn't reveal much, but he does look like a mini dodgy gangster and clearly he was a happening young kid back in the day.

I wonder where is he now. Does he still have the same moves? Someone please find him and interview him. I want to know more about him.

I leave you with the music you can hear from the video, The Swing Man by Patrick Lindsey. Play it loud and try to bust some moves like this kid. 

[hat tip Khalid Mezaina]