New York Diary: Multiply, Identify, Her at ICP

Multiply, Identify, Hee at ICP features works by women artists - from cut-photograph collage to an exploration of life-extending arti cial intelligence. It "showcases work by an intergenerational group of women artists exploring the construction and implications of hybrid and multiple identities".  The exhibition is on until 2nd September 2018. 

Multiply, Identify, Her: This exhibition features an intergenerational group of women artists whose work explores the construction of hybrid and multiple identities. Working in photography, video, and lm, through assemblage, collage, multi-part portraiture, and the use of avatars both analogue and digital, these artists reckon with complex and mutable selves.

These selves—mirrored, repeated, trans gured, and cloned—emerge from intersecting confrontations: with their own image, with social histories that elide with intimate ones, with the weight of gendered archetypes, and with the ambivalent promises of technology.

Made between the late 1990s and today, the work on view has roots in key feminist art historical discussions and presents non- singular selves that, in their multiplicity, vulnerability, and radicality, challenge patriarchal modes of power. Featuring work ranging from cut-photograph collage to an exploration of life-extending arti cial intelligence, this exhibition considers transcending the singular, unified self as a psychological and political aspiration, as well as a future, technology-enabled reality.

Multiply, Identify, Her includes the following artists: 

  • Geta Brătescu
  • Stephanie Dinkins
  • Christina Fernandez
  • Barbara Hammer
  • Roni Horn
  • Wangechi Mutu
  • Gina Osterloh
  • Sondra Perry
  • Lorna Simpson
  • Mickalene Thomas   

Here are my favourite works from the exhibition: