Photo diary from Unseen Photo Fair 2013 and Amsterdam

Unseen Photo Fair in Amsterdam is a photography fair focused on undiscovered photography talent and unseen work by established photographers. I attended last year for the first time and planning to attend the thrid edition which will take place next week, 18th-21st September. 

Described as a "fair with a festival flair", it is quite an enjoyable and relaxed art fair compared to the ones I've attended. It's held in a park, and includes outdoor exhibitions, talks, book market and of

I did notice some work that has very much been seen over the past few years, like Richard Mosse's photos from Congo shot on infrared film. So I do hope the upcoming edition will stick to really showing 'unseen' work.

Here's a video showing highlights from last year and below it are photos I took from the fair that I never had a chance to share with you here. I've also added photos I took of Amsterdam, a beautiul city that I am looking forward to visiting again. 

Around Unseen

Outdoor exhibition of Foam Talent 2013 winners

Galleries at Unseen

Unseen Book Market (my favourite part of the fair)

Unseen Living Room where informal talks and screenings were held here. We even had an impromptu talk with Martin Parr on the second day of the festival which was quite entertaining. A summary of that talk can be found here

JR's Inside Out project, you can read more about it here.

Self Publish Be Happy Totem and Taboo, a site-specific installation Totem made of materials found at the fair to create a makeshift sculpture turned into a temporary studio where visitors of the fair were photographed. 

Why I Love This Book, an independent website that features 1-minute book review videos. The recording too place inside this van. You can see some of the reviews here.

Around Amsterdam 


I went as soon as it opened so I could enjoy looking at Rembrandt's Night Watch without fighting my way through a crowd. I was so pleased when I walked the room had space to walk in and admire the painting up close (image below).

Stadsarchief (Amsterdam City Archives), I love this building. 

Around the city 

Around the canals of Amsterdam