PRAED Orchestra! at Sharjah Art Foundation

PRAED Orchestra_Flyer_Sharjah Art Foundation.jpg

Founded in 2006 by Raed Yassin and Paed Conca, Praed is a band that combines shaabi, jazz, contemporary composition and electronics in their performances. Their interest in Arabic and particularly Egyptian popular culture is a starting point for both composition and research. They focus on the cultural significance of shaabi music as a reflection of the complicated fabric of Egyptian society, and also as a prominent cultural form with connections to practices like the mawlid musical and religious ceremonies. 

On November 3rd, there will be a live performance in Sharjah with a 14-piece ensemble called PRAED Orchestra! that will perform together for the first time a new composition, commissioned by Sharjah Art Foundation and brought to life during rehearsals at the foundation.

The performance is free to attend and will take place outdoors in Calligraphy Square, Heritage Area in Sharjah between 8.00-10.00pm. I am really looking forward to this.

Additionally, on November 4th, Raed Yassin and Sam Shalabi of PRAED Orchestra! will give a talk about their approaches to creating music with both composed and improvisational elements, and discuss their influences. Additionally, Yassin and Shalabi will invite attendees to consider how music can transcend geographical and social ascriptions. This talk is free to attend and you can register here.

PRAED Orchestra! consists of:

  • Raed Yassin (synthesiser, vocals and beats)

  • Paed Conca (clarinet, electronics and bass)

  • Alan Bishop (saxophone, vocals and acoustic guitar)

  • Nadah El Shazly (vocals, buzuq and keyboard)

  • Christine Kazarian (electric harp)

  • Hans Koch (bass clarinet and soprano saxophone)

  • Martin Kuchen (baritone saxophone and sopranino saxophone)

  • Maurice Louca (keyboard and organ)

  • Radwan Moumneh (synthesiser, vocals and buzuq)

  • Maryam Saleh (vocals)

  • Ute Wassermann (vocals, mouth harp and whistles)

  • Sam Shalabi (electric guitar and oud)

  • Khaled Yassine (percussion)

  • Michael Zerang (drums)

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