Review - Design Days Dubai 2013


Always/Never by United Visual Artists, 2012

Here's the third of my long overdue reviews of the art events that happened in March. This one is about Design Days Dubai which took place on 18th-21st March 2013.

There were some beautiful and not so beautiful objects. Here's a collection of my photos and Vine clips from the opening night.

Continual Slow Drip by Antony Hall

The Analogia Project by Andrea Mancuso and Emilia Serra

This was my favourite piece at Design Days Dubai, a delicate and beautiful display that looks like a large sketch hanging midair.

Analogia explores the materialisation of the imaginary, in its transient state of flux. A drawing in the air that traces the fine line between abstract thought and concrete reality.

Khalid Shafar and Tai Ping Carpets collaboration

Inspired by the traditional Emirati craft Talli, designer Khalid Shafar's collection for Tai Ping made its debut at Design Days Dubai. The design of the carpets are based on the embroidery found on the cuffs and collars of traditional women's clothing in the UAE. I liked seeing the new approach to Talli, but thought it wasn't necessary to have what I call 'faux heritage' element to the display by hiring an 'old woman' to sit and weave like it's a performance.

Shredded by Jens Praet

I wasn't sure what was happening in this space, but there was a lot of shredded material.

Clock Clock - Victor Hunt

The Clock clock re-contextualizes time in a mix of old and new, analogue and digital. The clock is made of 24 two-handed analogue clocks. Six clocks make up a number, each of them displaying either one of its corners or one of its sides. All 24 clocks create one giant display similar to that of a digital watch. This work is notable for its digital/analogue format and the choreography that takes place between the minutes.

You Fade to Light - Random International

This was a fun piece at Design Days Dubai. You Fade to Light is an interactive light installation. My friend Austyn and I goofed around with this piece and had a good laugh. Check out my Vine clip below.

Initially appearing to take the form of a looking-glass grid, ‘You Fade To Light’ mirrors the viewer incongruously in light. The installation encourages the onlooker to engage in a kinetic dialogue, physically communicating with both the work itself and their own abstracted image.

Other interesting objects

I noticed an animal theme at the fair.

I leave you with one more funny Vine of You Fade to Light featuring my friend Austyn.