Sole DXB Sneaker Summit 2012

The second edition of Sole DXB Sneaker Summit is back this Friday, 27th April from 2pm till midnight at Al Serkal Avenue in Al Quoz, Dubai.

Last year's edition had a great turnout and I'm sure this year's edition will be just as popular.

The theme for this year’s Sneaker Summit is ‘The Art of the Sneaker’ and Al Serkal Avenue will be converted into a space where you can enjoy art, music, exhibitions, skating and a film screening. Here's the schedule of events:

There's been a great video campaign running the past few weeks promoting Sole DXB Sneaker Summit highlighting the fact that "Dubai is known for a number of things, but sneaker culture isn't one of them. It's not that it doesn't exist - you just have to look a little harder to find it." It's beautifully executed. Here, take a look:

Most people look at sneakers and just see a pair of shoes. But some see a statement. A stance. And a declaration. Our aim is to give them a platform. A forum where they can express. And impress. Where they can collect. And create. Where they can inspire. And be inspired. Because for some people, what they stand on is what they stand for.

Here's the trailer for Rap Arabe:

Many artists, three countries, one language, arabic. One style, hip hop. From Casablanca to Alep, young voices rise up. Words are their black gold, gushing to fuel their vehicle of choice, rap music, a well-oiled machine of mixing tables and samplings. Malikah, Ashekman, Lil Zac or Don Bigg are their names and they paint a no nonsense picture of their society. Young men spinning dance moves from east to west, mixing traditional with modern, but who dare speak out to break the silence.

Event details

Date: Friday, 27th April - 2pm till midnight

Venue: Al Serkal Avenue, Al Quoz (location map)

Free entry