Spectra by Ryoji Ikeda on Flag Island in Sharjah

Last month I wrote about an upcoming exhibition in Sharjah, I Look To You And I See Nothing, which opened on 16th November 2013. I have not been to this exhibition yet becauase I've been travelling over the past week.

One of the highlights I mentioned in my post is Ryoji Ikeda's light installation "Spectra", previously shown in Amsterdam, Barelona, Buenos Aires, Hobart, Nagoya and Paris.

The Sharjah edition is located on Flag Island and was on display on 15th-16th November and on again from 21st-23rd November 2013. I just found some photos and a video online and it looks spectacular. If you live in the UAE and have not gone to see this in person, this is your last chance. I am hoping to be back in Dubai in time to see this. 

And don't forget, Ryoji Ikeda and Carsten Nicolai will be performing .cyclo live on Saturday, 23rd November 2013. This is a must see on my list of things to do this coming weekend. 

Ryoji Ikeda sculpts with pure light. His monumental site-specific installation spectra came to Hobart after having been shown in Amsterdam, Paris, Barcelona, Nagoya and Buenos Aires. It is overwhelming and theatrical, yet ephemeral, with forty-nine powerful lights projecting thousands of metres upward into the sky.

Visitors can walk through the lights at ground level, looking up at the clouds, listening to the waves of sound washing over them. Even though Ikeda’s cutting-edge digital technology is informed by mathematics of the utmost precision, every individual’s experience of this immersive work is entirely different. 

Spectra is on from sunset to sunrise from 21st-23rd November, located on Flag Island in Sharjah (location map).


[image via www.facebook.com/SharjahArt]