Our Scary Summer: 1979 by Nelson Carvajal

The state of the world today feels like a 'shit show' (pardon my language). With Trump's America revealing itself in the news everyday, war and conflict in the Arab region, refugee crisis, threat of nuclear missile attacks in North Korea - it's very hard not to feel freaked out. 

I'm coping by watching films and Twin Peaks: The Return, which for me is the best thing this summer. I hope to share more thoughts on the show in a separate post another time (and if you are not watching it, shame on you).

For now, here is a video essay by Nelson Carvajal from three years ago about films from 1979. 

Films like The Omega Man, Damnation Alley, and Soylent Green seemed half in love with the world’s death.  What did the earth that the Nostromo’s crew were trying to return to actually look like?  Probably something much like the one depicted in these films. The images I watched on the nightly news seemed to be offering a disturbing preview of that world.