The Clinic - new music series


The Clinic is a concept which aims to bring back music that seems to have been taken away from the music fans in Dubai of late - a mix of styles in a comfortable atmosphere. I miss those nights (remember iBO?) and glad to see some a series of different and relaxed music nights are back on the scene.

The Clinic will consist of 3 principle evenings:

Mondays: Soul Supplement hosted by DJ Solo
DJ Solo has a solid grounding in funk, hip-hop and disco. Never a man to pander to a Pop-driven audience -  his ear for tunes and his wealth of musical knowledge extend far beyond the limitations of commercial music. Expect to hear a combination of classic soul, motown, funk and even some Latin and Afro Rhythms.

Tuesdays: Alternative Medicine hosted by Zahra
Alternative Medicine is all about what you will not hear on the radio or in clubs in this region. It will bring all types of genres to the 'surgical table' to help widen people’s harmonic horizons. This night will also feature ‘The Mix Tape Sessions' where local (and maybe international) celebrities are invited to play a mix-tape they have created just for the night. The format of the Mix Tapes will be a simple mix CD of between 45 mins to an hour.

Wednesdays: Jazz Clinic hosted by DJ Madhattar
A revival of the popular Jazz Clinic nights from mid 2000s which brought joy to its followers in Dubai - it was one of the few events willing to play proper Jazz and all its bold variations. It is now back thanks to the man that started it all, DJ Madhattar (Wael Hattar) who has returned to Dubai and ready to treat us to some sweet jazz tunes.

So far, I've been to the Soul Supplement nights a few times and hope to attend the other nights soon. The atmosphere is really very laid back, so do come and check it out now, the weather is great and the company is even better. Food and drinks are served all night, so what more can you ask for during these lovely cool nights we are currently experiencing.

Location: The Cellar Terrace, The Aviation Club

Time: 6.00pm till midnight

Free entrance