The Culturist Blog Party at House 9


I'm hosting my first "Blog Party" this Sunday, 24th March in The Culturist at House 9 at the SIKKA Art Fair. It's the last day of the fair and everyone is invited to House 9 for one last farewell to the fair.

SIKKA has been on since 14th March and if you've not been, this is your last chance. Also check out the SIKKA blog, it has some very well written and insightful observations about SIKKA and about the different events happening there. 

On the last day of the fair, House 9 will host a small little shinding in the courtyard, which I must say is lovely little courtyard that I've grown very attached to. It won't be a full on party as the house is close to a mosque, but I've been told I can turn up the volume after the last call to prayer. 

In case you are still not familiar with SIKKA, it is an artist-led fair of commissioned work and for this year. I was invited to represent my blog during the fair, hence "The Culturist at House 9" which is an offline experiential transformation of the blog covering major themes from the blog such as films, music, travel, photography and the 1980s in three different rooms: Screen | Travel | Reminisce 


The Culturist at House 9 - Room 1 - Screen


The Culturist at House 9 - Room 2 - Travel


The Culturist at House 9 - Room 1 - Reminisce

If you've not been to SIKKA or The Culturist at House 9, this is your last chance. Three days left for the fair, so go over this weekend or visit on Sunday. 


Fair timings for the next 3 days:

Friday, 22nd March 16:00 – 00:00

Saturday, 23rd March 12:00 – 00:00

Sunday, 24th March 18:00 – 00:00 

My party will be from 20:00-22:00 on Sunday 24th March (or till the security kick us out).

Directions to SIKKA