The Culturist won Best Blogger Award in du Social Media Awards 2013

I have some good news. The Culturist won Best Blogger Award in this year's du Social Media Awards. I wasn't expecting the judges to vote for my blog and was hoping I'd at least win the People's Choice Awards. I didn't get enough votes in that category, but I am very happy the blog got recognised by the judges. So thank you very much to all the judges. 

Here's the full list of categories and winners:

Social Responsibility Award - 1971 Team

Best Blogger Award - The Culturist

Best Video Content Award - #WinVictoryLove

Best Social Supporter of Expo 2020 Award & People's Choice Award - Here is Dubai

There was an award ceremony this morning which I couldn't attend, so my brother went and collected the award on my behalf. (Thanks Khalid.) 

Needless to say, I am very happy about this. Thanks to everyone that voted, that read and support this blog.