The Secret to a Long Life

I stumbled upon this uplifting video featuring New Yorkers over the age of 85 talking about the secret to a long life. This is the kind of thing you need to see/hear regularly.

These are some of my favourite answers. 

  • "The secret to a long life is to be engaged with life."
  • "I colour my hair, wear make up and flirt with only the cute guys and I always take the stairs."
  • "Have a curious mind, and that is the one thing that is important when you get old."
  • "Be aware of the pleasure that you get when you give something or do something for people that really need it."
  • "Good family and at this time of life, good friends."
  • "....try to be happy, which is not easy."

The video is from a New York Times article, The Wisdom of Old Age featuring men and women talking about old age. Watch the video and read the complete article here.

A paradox of old age is that older people have a greater sense of well-being than younger ones — not because they’re unreservedly blissful, but because they accept a mixture of happiness and sadness in their lives, and leverage this mixture when events come their way. They waste less time on anger, stress and worry.