The Unknown by Gayathri

Gayathri, one of my favourite Dubai based musicians has released her debut album, The Unknown.

Glad to see this this talented and hard working musician, singer and songwriter has put together something that looks and sounds so poetic. The whole project has been a collaboration with several musicians and artists. 

You can stream the whole album or buy it online here. If you like what you hear, please do buy it. Let's support independent artists as much as we can. 

These are my favourite songs from the album:

Champion of Broken Hearts

Bed and Blanket

The Unknown

Pieces of Me

Here are a couple of video clips that share some behind the scenes into the making of The Unknown.

The Making of The Unknown 

This featurette is an inside look at the writing, recording and production of the duet on the album produced by Reiner Erlings featuring singer Hamdan Al Abri and Haruka Horii on violin.

The Unknown - Behind the Artwork 

The artwork of The Unknown is the result of a collaboration between four visual artists (Christoffer RelanderEkta SaranEmbrahim Mirmalek and Tushar Menon) who didn't meet during the process of the making. Find out how it all came together in this excerpt from the documentary about the making of the album.