This is how to watch Eyjafjallajökull in action

This is a gorgeous video by Sean Stiegemeier, with beautiful music by Jonsi. After all the cover we've seen on TV and in print, THIS is the only way to watch Eyjafjallajökull in action.

I have a soft spot for Iceland and can't wait to visit, so I'm very grateful for this video by Stiegemeier and the effort he put into making it.

"So I saw all of these mediocre pictures of that volcano in Iceland nobody can pronounce the name of, so I figured I should go and do better. But the flights to get over took forever as expected (somewhat). 4 days after leaving I finally made it, but the weather was terrible for another 4. Just before leaving it got pretty good for about a day and a half and this is what I managed to get.  Sean Stiegemeier