Tiger Translate Dubai presents Universe

Global art, design and music showcase Tiger Translate is coming to Dubai on Wednesday, 23rd November - hosting a event with the theme of Universe at the Royal Majlis (Emirates Golf Club).


Tiger Translate Middle East promises to be a multi-sensory art celebration and will feature some of the best regional talent in the digital art community, where both international and local artists will create ideas and designs which reflect their interpretation of the theme of ‘Universe’ in the context of modern Asia and the Gulf region.

Tiger Translate is fronted by a collective of both emerging Asian and established international artists, known as Asian Kinetic Artists (AKA). Tiger’s AKAs form a community of Asia’s most creative minds in art, design, photography and music. Hand-selected by a global panel of experts, the AKAs will collaborate with local artists to merge their skills and creativity to create a unique artistic experience for guests and audiences.

The AKAs at the Dubai event include a trio of acclaimed digital artists from Bangkok called B.O.R.E.D. (Band of Radical Experiment Design), who will lead a series of workshops for local artists and design students in the days leading up to the event.


Three Dubai-based artists, Liz Ramos-Prado, Victoria Viray and Hani Alireza (from Peru, Philippines and Saudi Arabia respectively) have been selected from Dubai’s design industry based upon their skills and how their styles match the artists from Bangkok.


Victoria Viray - Isabela and Cristina

All the artists will be involved in a collaborative cross-border design exchange called ‘Ping Pong’ in the run up to the event, where a work of digital art will be passed back and forth between the artist pairings to produce a unique piece of Tiger Translate digital art, with finishing touches to be made live on 23rd November.

In addition to Ping Pong, there will be a photography-based creative process called ‘Double Vision’, which will involve images by yours truly that will be treated by the digital artists, with their interpretations revealed on canvas at the event. I will only find out the results on the night, so I'm looking forward to the final outcome.

The night will include live art and alternative live music, featuring
- Break DJ Lobito
VJ Cold Fusion
- An experimental music collaboration with leading local musicians including Hamdan Al-AbriNoush Like Sploosh & Gayathri.

The evening will be hosted by TV and Radion presenter Simone Heng. Added bonus, there will be Far Eastern food and refreshments served throughout the night. This one-off night sounds like it will be a blast. Hope you can make it.

Event details:
Date and time: Wednesday, 23rd November from 7.00pm - 1.00am
Venue: Royal Majlis at Emirates Golf Club (location map)
Free entry.