Works I did in 2017 and thank you notes

This has been a busy year for me on a professional level. I took part in a few exhibitions and programmed several talks and film screenings. It has been a fullfing year and I am looking forward to taking a step back in the next couple of months to plan and figure out would like to work on next.

Here's a run down of the different projects I worked on this year, with links if you'd like to read more details: 

  • February: Exhibited at Is Old Gold? exhibition at DUCTAC curated by Cristiana de Marchi and Muhanad Ali
  • March: Was one of the commissioned artists invited to take part in Sharjah Biennial 13: Tamawuj curated by Christine Tohme. 

Despite meeting great people this year and working with them, one thing I realised this year is there isn't enough peer support or professionalism going around in this town. The art and culture world is a small circle in the UAE and it is unfortunate when there are times where there's not enough mutual support being shown in the community.

I am learning not to let things let this get me down and to focus on the positives, and to seek out people that are worth working in terms of collaboration and exchange of ideas. 

Huge shout out, thank yous and hugs to everyone I worked with closely this year, for the opportunity to create new work, for the incredible discussions and support, for listening and for the laughs. Here's a list of people I would like to thank:  

  • Abdallah Al Shami 
  • Ahmet Salih Ozkut  
  • Ali Khaled
  • Antonia Carver 
  • Austyn Allison
  • Christine Tohme
  • Cristiana de Marchi 
  • Deepak Unnikrishnan
  • Elie Domit
  • Faisal Al Zaabi 
  • Fatma Al Mahmoud 
  • Hammad Nasar
  • Hoor Al Qasimi 
  • John Dennehy
  • Laila Binbrek
  • Laura Metzler 
  • Nick Leech 
  • Mohammed Abdallah 
  • Mouna Khorshid  
  • Muhanad Ali  
  • Nawaf Al Janahi
  • Nayla al Khaja 
  • Noor Al Suwaidi 
  • Reem Shadid
  • Shadi Megallaa
  • Tamsin Wildly 
  • Todd Reisz    
  • Uns Kattan
  • Vicky Tadros 
  • Wael Hattar

An extra special shout out to Mohammad Khawaja who is one of the most supportive people I know in the UAE and to Tulip Hazbar for all her help, support and laughs, and someone I hope to work with more in 2018.