Cinema 2012 by Kees van Dijkhuizen

It's that time of the year again when Kees van Dijkhuizen puts together his annual cinema montage. I've been sharing his clips since 2009 and very sad to say the 2012 edition will be his last (hence the choice of teary image above).

This fifth episode is also the finale of my Cinema series. It's been a tremendous joy and I've learned so much from your kind words and feedback. This project demanded a lot of time and effort and to see it rewarded so graciously was absolutely mind-blowing. Thank you all for your support these past years, it's meant so much to me.  

Kees van Dijkhuizen is a film student based in the Netherlands and I really do hope once he's graduated, he has a successful career in the film industry. 

Here's Cinema 2012. 

Avengers assembled, dark knights rose and odds were in our favor in a fantastic year in film. Epic conclusions conquered the box office, but smaller pictures like Beasts of the Southern Wild, Seeking A Friend for the End of the World, Safety Not Guaranteed, The Imposter and Ruby Sparks conquered the hearts of audiences around the world. It seems every story we've heard deserved to be told.

This year was not free of tragedy, however, and it struck close to home. It made me realize the importance of our shared love for cinema; in the darkest of times, it will bring us together. This recap shows the importance of love in difficult times, how we fool ourselves to cope with the pain we cause others and, in the face of the apocalypse, how small we really are.

Cinema is a friend, a teacher, a refuge and a safe place. Here's to that dream.

The full list of films will be added on Kees van Dijkhuizen's blog sooncan be found here. You can see his older videos posted on my blog via the following links:

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Thank you Kees van Dijkhuizen for all the hard work that's gone into putting these videos every year and wish you all the best.