The Lone Face of Istanbul

The Lone Face of Istanbul is a series of four short films shot by Ghayyan Al Amine for Shortfuse Film. Described as an 'art documentary on Istanbul', I like these alternative style of city postcards, if I may call them that. 

I do, however, feel some parts in this series feels quite loose and wish there was a tighter edit. But maybe the aim of the filmmaker is to share the fleeting and random moments of the city with us.  

Enjoy this mini trip to Istanbul.

Part 1 - Twilight of the Icons

Istanbul, a city where the faces and specters of Genghis Khan, Jesus, Ataturk, Islam and mystic Sufism, and estranged modern man collide.  Special appearance by Mulatu Astatke

Part 2 - Streets and Backalleys

Part II takes place in the cracks between nights, twilight and dawn in the fleeting streets of Istanbul. Musical appearance by Bonobo and The Cinematic Orchestra.

Part 3 - Music, Voyeurism, and Surveillance

Paranoia, perversion, women and music mix in to form the digital face of Istanbul. Musical appearances by The Mulatu Astatke Band, Daedelus, Caribou, and The Qemists.

Part 4 - Ataturk and Anarchy

Istanbul entrances and takes you on journeys through its faces and places, then suddenly you wake up inside reality and take a look around, stone cold statues and ghosts watch as you walk into the next trance.