Electro Shaabi version of We Will Rock You by NEOBYRD

Earlier today I stumbled upon this track on Twitter by NEOBYRD and it made me laugh and love it for several reasons:

- The electro shaabi version of Queen's We Will Rock You will feel like you've been injected with a high dose of energy, you won't know what hit you. Electro shaabi version of any well known song will probably do that. If you are not familiar with electro shaabi, The Quietus wrote a very good series about it last year

- The title احنا اسفين يا كوين ("ihna asfeen ya Queen" translation: we are sorry Queen) just cracked me up. If you read/speak Arabic you will appreciate the rhyme and the joke. 

- The choice of artwork for this track.

- The comments that appear as the song is streaming on Soundcloud (click below). Here are some examples. It's hard to translate, they're all in Egyptian slang and feel like perfect reactions to the track. 

الواقع اتفشخ
ايه اللي عاملينه ده :/ 
7ram 3leko ya gd3an freddie byt2alleb fi torbto
توهت ام الرقاصه ياعم وفشختها 

- It will make you feel like you're at a big fat Egyptian wedding. 

NEOBYRD is an Egyptian electronic musician and record producer (I featured him on this blog a few years ago). 

Wael Alaa is an electronic musician and record producer known by his stage name NEOBYRD, who first emerged from the underground electronic scene in Cairo with his 2011 album release, "Transbyrd".

His songs display a notable influence by many of the greats including Michael Jackson, Queen, and Depeche Mode. Performing with a trademark chicken-head mask, NEOBYRD has become a staple in the Cairo music scene.

You can listen to his music here



[hat tip @reorientmag]