RIP George Michael

Before going to bed last night, the world found out the devastating news that George Michael passed away. He was 53. I was expecting we will be reading news about a few more celebrity deaths before the year ends, but I wasn't expecting to George Michael would be one of them. 

I have been listening to George Michael since 1983 when he started with Wham!. Many school days were spent with my friend Andrea who is the BIGGEST Wham!/George Michael fan I know. We ogled over Wham! in teen magazines, watched them on bootleg recordings of Top of the Pops, exchanged Wham! goodies and ALWAYS enjoying their music.

His music and videos after Wham! evovled reflecting the man who followed his music path and wasn't apologetic about it. Been listening to his music all day today and I've made this playlist to share it here with you. It includes old and new, young and old, long and short hair, straight, bi and gay George Michael. Join me and sing your heart out to the ballads and dance like nobody is watching to his dancier songs.