The Best of Cinema 2016 by The Moviejerk

Looks like it's turning into a tradition where I share with you The Moviejerk's annual Best of Cinema video. This is the third time (click here for 2014 and 2015 ).  

It's the final week of the year and the time of the year where favourite lists and highlights will be shared. I will be sharing my arts, culture and film lists soon. 

For now, enjoy this supercut and in the words of The Moviejerk, "let’s celebrate the cinematic moments of 2016 that remind us what it means to be human". 

Thank goodness for films.

I don’t know about you but cinema got me through the worst of times, and this year proved no exception. When everything felt dim and barren, Maren Ade’s Toni Erdmann single-handedly lifted me out of a hellhole and reminded me the very importance of humour in our lives.It made me want to fight the robotic mode of capitalism with laughter and silliness and levity.

Then there’s Paul Verhoeven’s bolshy Elle, which is a bold reminder that we can all find empowerment in nonconformism. Additionally, there’s also Almodovar’s majestic Julieta, a film that believes healing and repair through facing our memories and embracing our past, and also Hansen-Løve’s wise Things To Come, which teaches us how to find happiness in the little things, even if life around slowly crumbles apart.   (via The Moviejerk)