The Brain That Sings by Amal Al Agroobi and Autism Awareness Campaign

The Brain That Sings by Amal Al Agroobi premiered last December at the 10th edition of Dubai International Film Festival where it won won the People's Choice AwardI unfortunately missed out on watching it and was hoping to see it at the Gulf Film Festival this month, but sadly, the festival got cancelled last minute (and we have yet to hear about the fate of this festival).  

The Brain that Sings follows the lives of two autistic boys living in the UAE as they go through three months of music therapy and explores the chances of their improvement and self-expression. The film answers many unanswered questions regarding autism in the Arab World.  

In addition to submitting this film to be screened at various international festivals, Amal Al Agroobi is now on a mission to show this film to as many people as possible in the UAE. Autism and mental disorder isn't widely discussed in this country and there isn't enough of a support network for families with children that have mental disabilities. 

Amal Al Agroobi would like to create an autism awareness campaign and take the film to people who otherwise wouldn't be able to attend a screening. The aim is to get the film screened at universities, schools, companies and other establishments all across the United Arab Emirates. To be able to do this, she's launched an online crowd-funding campaign with Zoomaal and has to raise a minimum of $10,000 by 7th June 2014.

...we need your support in bringing the film closer families who need to watch it across the country and the region, sharing the film with you and getting the word out. This process needs financial support and if autism is a topic that is close to your heart or if you are eager to give and to learn, we depend on your support.

The power of film as an educative tool must never be underestimated.

As a result of the screening, the Dubai Government already began putting strategies into place for those with special needs and education, families were coming together sharing stories of compassion and societies were being formed for parents and those affected with autism alike. 

We need more people to know this story because it's such a positive and inspiring outlook on special needs, we need the right people to watch this film because we need them to talk about it and bring about bigger and more powerful changes. Finally, there needs to be more awareness. 

When we find others that share our same experiences and feelings, and feel what they feel with them, this is a source of comfort that cannot be explained and a phenomenon that soothes the human soul. If we can make that happen for others, our contribution on Earth will last long after we are gone. If a bit of spare change or a considerable contribution can change that, why not?

Please take a look at this trailer and additional clips below featuring some of the characters from the film and show your support here and spread the word. 

An interview with Khaleb a shadow teacher of Ibrahim, a 23 year old adult with Autism.

An interview with Dedra about her son with autism.