The Culturist mentioned in Gulf News

Gulf News recently interviewed me for an article about Emirati bloggers which was released today. The article is titled Emerging breed of Emirati bloggers and features 3 blogs. Unfortunately, it doesn't incude the links to the blogs. Such a silly, silly thing to do. It's like writing about an event and not including the location.

You can read the full article here and these are the links to the other two blogs mentioned in the article:

I am happy to have been included in this article and glad more and more people are getting to know about this site.

Here's an extract:

The Culturist is a blog that Mezaina started not very long ago as a personal space to share her thoughts about cultural events taking place in Dubai.

"I have been wanting to start one but didn't have the time and I had to figure out a name," Mezaina told Gulf News. Close to the Dubai International Film Festival last year and with encouragement from friends and family, she started blogging.

"The objective of the blog is to have a cultural angle and to showcase things from a cultural point of view. It's an opportunity to show things that happen in Dubai and in the region," she said. "People say that nothing happens here, but there's actually a lot going on and I wanted to talk about it."




Update: Gulf News added links to each blog.